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With over a decade long experience, Indelible Recruitment & Services INDIA has developed and evolved as a leader in the outsourcing services since, it lays serious efforts to offer reliable, advanced and highly customized recruitment solutions to its clients all across the globe. Our unmatched competence summed with our distinctive knowledge and commitment have always added value to our business because these help us deliver high-quality services to all our esteemed clients within the time specified from their end.

We specialize in recruitment and visa processing service for Middle East and European countries, covering all kinds of visa, viz. Business, Employment, Tourist and Student. Some of the major places, we provide visa facilitation include USA,UK, DENMARK, POLAND, FRANCE, GERMANY, CANADA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, SAUDI ARABIA, UAE, MIDDLE EAST etc.

Therefore, we assure that we will turn out a reliable solution for all the employment and visa processing queries, and hold the capability to provide cutting-edge services in response to the same.

Through all these years of our service, our technology-focused novel approach has revolutionized the management system of visa application service. It has now evolved into a seamless process, which comprises of –


    Providing regular update to the website with respect to the visa information, and offering the applicants the facility to apply for visa all across the globe


    Under the condition, when the applicant insists to process the application despite being forewarned that it is invalid, we annotate the checklists and enter a remark that the application has been forwarded since, the applicant elected to forward the same although well-informed about its invalidity.


    Application information service available for customers in Middle East and European countries along with USA, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, etc


    This is a standard operating methodology to configure the applications according to the guidelines defined by our client’s government/ diplomatic missions. All received applications are closely inspected to ensure our capability in meeting the defined timelines


    Data integrity and security are prime concerns which need to be dealt in a professional manner; therefore our team holds extensive experience in digitization of data for its electronic storage in the systems of the diplomatic missions, which can be further accessed for future reference and retrieval. Online file transfer, barcode creation for subsequent scanning or CD-ROM/Floppy Disk, etc. are the methods employed for data uploading


    The applications are arranged, documented and indexed as per the prescribed criteria of the client’s government, viz., visa category, priority case, previous refusal, etc. We then work to synchronize the submission of applications in consolidated lots in the consular section at the specified time to efficiently facilitate the process of scrutiny.


    We own a smart web-based ‘Appointment Scheduling’ management system programmed to facilitate optimum utilization of time and manual labor. Furthermore, slot capacity can be adjusted on the basis of parameters of data, time and visa type. Our integrated flexible module is capable to even allocate a queue number at the time of confirming an appointment and thus, supports all the assessment criteria defined by the diplomatic missions. Scheduling can be done both online and offline, and it controls duplication in appointments and alerts when multiple appointments are made against the same name and passport number.


    All processed visa applications are collected from the visa consulates as per the specified schedule and returned to the applicants in sealed envelopes to ensure confidentiality of data. They are further offered the facility to get their documents delivered through courier for a supplementary charge. We at H.R. International possess the efficiency to handover the passports the same day that are received subjected to the guidelines specified by the Mission.

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